Easy appointment scheduling with Doodle’s online appointment booking system

Organising a busy business or personal life can be difficult when there is little time. Hectic lives with many responsibilities need careful planning to ensure that they run smoothly. Thankfully, Doodle can help make your life that bit easier thanks to our powerful scheduling tools and online appointment booking system.

Our intuitive and easy to use system allows users to book appointments online and organise meetings accordingly. Whether you choose to create a free account, subscribe to Premium Doodle or simply create a one-off appointment scheduler, you will certainly benefit from our online appointment booking system.

Use Doodle to quickly and efficiently book appointments online

Take, for example, the case of Dr. Jones – a psychology professor from the University of Fakesville. He deals with many students on a regular basis and every year offers hour-long consultancies regarding final year students’ dissertation work. Previously, Dr. Jones arranged his appointments through a combination of emails and paperwork which was proving to be very inefficient. However, having discovered Doodle, Dr. Jones can now book appointments online with minimal fuss.

To begin with, Dr. Jones enters all of the relevant information pertaining to the appointments into the free appointment booking software.
Book appointments with Doodle online for free

With the information entered, Dr. Jones may proceed to the next step. Here he can select which days to schedule his appointments by using Doodle’s simple visual calendar view. Doodle offers the option to include multiple dates making the appointment booking system supremely versatile.

Book appointments with Doodle online for free step 2

When Dr. Jones has finished selecting his preferred dates and he has reviewed his selections, he can then move forward and map out each appointment. Again, Doodle allows the input of multiple time slots within the online appointment booking system to make scheduling simple. Doodle also provides a handy copy/paste tool to maximise efficiency.

Book appointments with Doodle online for free step 3

The final choices to be made within the online appointment booking system relate to how Dr. Jones’ students can enter their choices when selecting appointments. Within the settings panel, Dr. Jones must select “participant can only choose one option” alongside “limit the number of participants per option” to ensure his appointment booking system works correctly. Other options available here also allow for confidential polls and “yes/no/maybe” answers should Dr. Jones require them.

Book appointments with Doodle online for free step 4

Once each of the steps are complete, Dr. Jones can send invites out to each of the students concerned. This is possible either by including the provided link within a standard email, or by using Doodle’s dedicated invitation system. Students then simply enter their names and proceed to select the appointment best suited to their schedule. Dr. Jones then has a convenient schedule listing each student and at what time they are due to meet.

Book appointments with Doodle online for free step 5

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