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We all know how hard it can sometimes be to keep track of our schedule in any given week: from work functions to social events to personal holidays and appointments, it is easy to lose track of where we are supposed to be and what we have already arranged to do.

Doodle is already known to offer a top-notch event planning service. By sending out a poll to friends or colleagues, you can quickly find out the best time for everyone to meet. Now, when you register for the Doodle Premium Account, you can have a shared online calendar (be it a Google Calendar, an iCal via iCloud or another type of shared calendar online connectable via an ICS Feed) to your Doodle Premium Account. This means that when you are creating a poll or filling one in for someone else, you can view it in calendar format, integrated with your free shared calendar, therefore instantly seeing when you are and when you are not available. This is of course much easier than having to switch back and forth from your free online shared calendar to the Doodle poll.

A connected shared online calendar makes Doodle a breeze to use

Let’s look at an example. Janice has received a poll from her manager Grahame. Grahame is trying to find the best time for their team to meet up for the ‘June / July Review.’ The meeting has to take place at some point during the week commencing Monday August 4th. Grahame has suggested fifteen time slots in which the team could potentially meet that week.

Because Janice has a Doodle Premium Account connected with her free online shared calendar, she can view the poll in calendar format.

View received polls through your online calendar

The dark blue boxes are Grahame’s suggested times for the review. The light blues ones are the events and appointments that Janice already had in her calendar for that week. If she wants, Janice can select ‘Auto-fill’. This will mean that Doodle will automatically select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each suggested time, depending on whether it clashes with an event in Janice’s Google Calendar. In this scenario, Janice would see the following:

Doodle can show you when you are or are not available according to your calendar

The suggested time of 4:00 PM on Monday 4th is the only slot marked red (i.e. not possible to meet) as it is the only slot that directly clashes with another appointment. However, Janice knows that she will be late for meeting Jake at 11:00 AM on Monday if the meeting is held at 10:00 AM that same morning. She also knows that she catches a train to her sister in the countryside at 3:00 on Thursday, and will then be out of London until the following Monday. Therefore, Janice decides to fill the poll in manually.

Manually fill in a poll through your calendar

Janice then saves her entries in the poll and returns to the table view.

View the results of the poll

Grahame will be notified that each invitee has responded to the poll, and subsequently calls the June / July Review for 10:00 AM on Tuesday 5th. Sitting down for coffee and biscuits before Grahame arrives, Janice may well recommend that her colleagues should also share their calendars with their Doodle account, so they too can enjoy the benefits of online scheduling with Doodle. With the free online calendar sharing there is no stress, no confusion, and no missed appointments.

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