Calendar Software from Doodle

As more and more of our professional and social lives begin to be conducted online, a diminishing amount of us are using physical personal planners and diaries to schedule our days. Although they have a quaint aesthetic value, physical diaries and planners are easy to lose and can quickly become a confusing mess when your schedule changes. On offer today is a variety of different online calendar software that can ensure you keep track of your appointments and social events. Now that most of us have smartphones and tablets, like a pocket diary, calendar software can be updated and amended when on the move. For those who use more than one of these programs, Doodle offers a way to synchronize all the calendar software for free, allowing you to view your schedule for the coming weeks intelligibly and with ease.

Once you have an account with Doodle, in a matter of only a few clicks you can link up your calendar software. If you have multiple calendars you can similarly connect these to the same account, and Doodle will generate for you one comprehensive Doodle calendar, taking into consideration the appointments from both sources. Once you have this Doodle calendar, you can opt for the information therein to be applied when you take part in a meeting poll. Instead of having to switch back and forth between your calendar and the Doodle poll, the poll can read your calendar and automatically fill in your availability. It goes without saying that none of the details of the appointments on your calendar software will be displayed publicly on the Doodle poll.

How to set up the free calendar software

It is remarkably easy to connect the software of you calendar to your Doodle account. Once you have an account with Doodle, what you need firstly to do is go to the ‘Manage Doodle Account’ page and click on ‘Your Calendars’. At this point you can select the kind of calendar it is that you wish to connect with Doodle.

Choose a calendar to connect

Doodle can connect with three types of calendar: Google Calendar, iCal (via an iCloud account), and other online calendars connectable via ICS feeds.This may include event calendar software like those from Outlook, Yahoo and T-Online. We recommend Google Calendar but each of the above is possible. To connect your calendar software you will simply need to click on the box that corresponds to the type of software that you have. If there is more than one calendar that you want to add, you need simply repeat the process. The calendars connected to your Doodle account will then be displayed on your ‘Manage Doodle Account’ page just above any address books that you may have previously added.

How to amend or disconnect your web calendar software

It is remarkably easy to amend or disconnect a calendar from your Doodle account. Once again you will need to go to the ‘Manage Doodle Account’ page and from there to ‘Your Calendars.’ Beside each listed calendar that is connected you will see the word ‘disconnect.’

View your connected calendars

You simply need to click on this to delete the connection. A box will then pop up asking you to verify this.

Confirm you want to delete a calendar

Once this is completed you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Reset’, so to reset you Doodle ICS feed.

Disconnect your calendar feeds

Create calendar