Keep on top of all your free online calendars with the Doodle Calendar Connect function

An increasing number of people are throwing away their physical diaries and switching to free online calendars, accessible from their phones, tablets and computers. There are multiple providers of free calendars online out there, often with different functions and fitting different purposes, and so many people find themselves using multiple platforms to organise their professional, personal and social lives. For instance, you could well be using an Outlook calendar for work, Google calendar for your everyday life and then relying on free online events calendars such as that provided by Facebook for reminders of birthdays and social events. Keeping on track of all these calendars and figuring out when you are actually free and when not, can be nearly impossible when you have so many online calendars to consult. With Calendar Connect from Doodle, however, you can consolidate all the best free online calendars into one single online calendar, where you can see at a glance what commitments you have and when you are free.

How to sync the best free online calendars with Doodle

In order to sync all your online calendars you need to register for a Doodle account. Registration is free and takes no time at all – simply enter your email address and a password. Doodle will send you an activation email within seconds giving you a four digit activation code. Simply enter this and you’re almost there. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Google or Facebook account if you wish. For calendar syncing you must upgrade to Premium Doodle Private or Premium Doodle Business. There is 30 day free trial period and you are not required to enter your credit or debit card details. In just a matter of clicks your trial upgrade is activated. From there, go to ‘’Your calendars’’ and start syncing your online calendars into one single online calendar for free. Simply enter your Google, iCloud or other platform login details to allow Doodle Calendar Connect access to your calendars for instant integration. Not only does the Calendar Connect allow you to see your schedule in one single calendar, it also allows you to create and participate in Doodle meeting polls from your Doodle calendar. This means that you no longer need to keep referring back to several online calendars when filling in Doodle meeting polls. With Calendar Connect everything is in one place, giving you clarity and ease when organising your schedule.

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