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Since its conception in 2007, Doodle has become known as the optimum site for scheduling times to meet up with friends and colleagues, whether it is for business or pleasure. However what is less well known is that the Doodle polling software can also be utilised to make a free online survey and gauge preferences from the participants on points other than time and date. For instance, if you are planning a Christmas Party for your department at work, you create an online survey for free with Doodle asking your colleagues their preferences regarding location and activity. Or, if you are planning an end-of-exams celebration with some friends, you can send out a poll to decide upon which bar or club to hold it in. The Doodle free survey software is quick, efficient, and bypasses all confusion. Everyone taking part in the survey online (free for all!) can see clearly which option has the most votes – with adaptations and edits easily made if a participant changes their mind.

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So how does the free online survey creator work? Take the example of Grahame. He and some of his colleagues at work have been thinking about going away together for the bank holiday weekend. During after-work drinks one Friday, Grahame and the team all agree enthusiastically to the idea of getting out of London, but are undecided upon where they would like to go and what they would like to do. Without needing a Doodle account, that evening Grahame creates a free survey online.

Make free online surveys with Doodle

In a normal Doodle event, at this point the person creating the poll would be asked to enter in the potential dates and times to meet. Because in this scenario the date is already confirmed, Grahame simply has to choose ‘Free text’ in the top right hand corner of the window.

Make free online surveys with Doodle

He can then enter anything he likes into the option boxes. In this instance, Grahame enters the locations and activities that he and his colleagues are considering.

Make free online surveys with Doodle

Because they are only a small group, after this Grahame simply enters their individual email addresses into the box provided by Doodle, and the invitations to take part in the poll are sent out.

Make free online surveys with Doodle

Grahame can opt to be notified by Doodle when all the invitees have participated in the poll. The final table may look something like this.

Make free online surveys with Doodle today!

Off to Paris then!

When you use the survey creator for free, your polls and surveys will be as simple to implement as it was for Grahame. Of course, you can still create a regular event poll to find the best time for meeting up, but why stop there when the free text feature is available. Create a survey for free yourself today.

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