Organisation made easy with Doodle’s online scheduling

Scheduling a busy working life, or social life for that matter, has never been easier than with Doodle’s intuitive online scheduling. In fact, whether you are a first time user or you upgrade to Doodle Premium for more comprehensive control, you are sure to find that organizing events or meetings is a breeze. With just a little information and a few mouse clicks you can schedule a range of different events and invite both colleagues and friends to participate at mutually agreeable times.

Sign up to Premium Doodle and enjoy powerful online scheduling

Whilst creating an online schedule is completely free with Doodle Basic, upgrading to Premium will give users the opportunity to enjoy a host of additional benefits. Doodle’s premium online scheduler can be linked seamlessly to your existing address books and calendars, meaning everything you require for scheduling online is close at hand. Alongside these features, Premium Doodle also offers the option of sending automatic reminders and information requests combined with multiple users for even greater control over your scheduling.

Mr Jones makes a schedule online with Doodle

Let us consider for a moment, Mr Jones; who has a very busy week ahead of him. Mr Jones needs to schedule at least three meetings in different parts of the UK and with many different colleagues participating in these meetings. He needs to find out which times and dates are best suited to his colleagues in order to create a schedule that makes the most efficient use of his time.

First of all, Mr Jones must create three events – one for Birmingham, one for London and one for Manchester.

Free online scheduling with Doodle: step 1

Mr Jones then selects which dates he can travel to each respective city and inputs his preferred time slots. When this is complete he is free to send invites of his online scheduler to all of the colleagues who should attend. He can do this either by including the provided link in a standard email or, by using Doodle’s dedicated invitation system.

Free online scheduling with Doodle: step 2

Online scheduling overview with integrated calendars

Once all of the votes are tallied, Mr Jones can then select the most suitable dates for himself and the rest of his colleagues. In this case it seems that Friday 8th of August is the most popular on the scheduling website. Mr Jones can then select this date and close the poll, automatically informing all of his colleagues as to the selected date and time.

Free online scheduling with Doodle: step 3

Finally, with calendar integration offered by Doodle, Mr Jones can view the selected dates for each meeting through his online scheduler – helping him to effectively manage his time whilst allowing his colleagues to also manage theirs.

Free online scheduling with Doodle: step 4

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