Organise employees with Doodle’s simple schedule maker

Doodle’s online schedule maker is the quickest and easiest way to plan shifts and schedules for your employees – giving you a comprehensive overview of who is available and when. In fact, Doodle’s work schedule maker will allow you to connect your employees to available shifts like never before. Getting started is simple, whether you choose to register a free or premium account; or whether you decide to make a simple schedule on the fly, Doodle’s work schedule maker is a step-by-step process that always provides fantastic results.

Simplified scheduling for employers with Doodle’s schedule maker

One of the many advantages of Doodle’s online schedule maker is the simple interface that allows employees to independently mark the dates and times they are available to work. For example, Angela runs a bar that hosts parties most weekends. Organising shifts can be difficult as many of her employees also work in other jobs – making regular meetings almost impossible. However, Doodle’s schedule maker means she can arrange shifts entirely online and then ask her employees to enter their availability.

Free schedule maker on Step 1 of making a schedule

Once a free employee schedule maker is created and the necessary details added to the Doodle form, the next step is to input the relevant dates for employees to choose from. Again, this process is simple thanks to the intuitive calendar view that displays the respective month.

Free schedule maker on Step 2 of making a schedule

Next, each available shift can be added to the time proposal page to ensure that all options are made available to any employee involved with the event scheduler. Here, Angela can enter her own user defined time periods, or simply shifts, into the box. Further time slots can be added for a more comprehensive event scheduler alongside a copy/paste function for quicker scheduling.

Free schedule maker on Step 3 of making a schedule

Finally, with all of the relevant information entered into Doodle’s schedule maker, Angela can send out invites to all of her employees by email or with Doodle’s dedicated invitation tool. Each employee then has the opportunity to participate in the poll, entering any dates/times they are available to work. Once, employees have entered their chosen dates/times, Angela has an easy-to-understand and comprehensive overview of who can work when – making shift planning a piece of cake.

Free schedule maker on Step 4 of making a schedule

Take advantage of a range of other benefits with Doodle’s schedule maker

Alongside the online schedule maker, Doodle also offers a range of other services and tools to help you organize your life. Take advantage of integrated calendars, address books and a dedicated page to show your own availability combined with other powerful scheduling tools. Sign up today and enjoy scheduling made simple with Doodle.

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