Gather information with ease when you use Doodle’s survey software

Sometimes, finding out what everyone else is thinking can be very useful when making big decisions. The problem is, conflicting opinions or preferences can be difficult to document, particularly when dealing with large groups that disagree. However, thanks to Doodle’s powerful and easy to use online survey software, gathering information through online polls and surveys is now easier than ever.

Increase participation and contribution at the office with Doodle’s survey software

Using Doodle’s survey software is quick and provides users with many options to ensure the right information is obtained. For example, if a company wishes to redesign its corporate identity and branding but the final decision is proving a little tricky, then Doodle’s online survey software can help.

In this case, CEO Dave wishes to ask his small staff of trusted colleagues which colour scheme the company’s new corporate identity should take. To begin with, all CEO Dave has to do is click the “schedule an event” button found on the Doodle site and then follow the intuitive step-by-step guide to create his online survey.
Doodle survey software main page screenshot

The next step asks CEO Dave to input any details pertaining to his poll in the survey software. Here he can enter a title, location (when required) and a description of the survey alongside his name and contact details.

Doodle survey software step 1

The next step in the process is to enter the survey choices into the employee survey software. The view will present CEO Dave with three choices, “Basic Calendar”; “Calendar View” and “Free Text”. To enter user defined parameters, Dave must select the “Free Text” option and then proceed to input the different colour schemes his colleagues can choose from.

Doodle survey software step 2

Finally, with all of the information entered into the online survey software, CEO Dave has the opportunity to send out invitations to anyone he wishes. He can do this either by including the provided link in a standard email or, by using Doodle’s dedicated invitation system which can also be connected to your current address book when you subscribe to Doodle Premium.

Doodle survey software step 3

Once all of the invites to use the online survey software have been sent out and his colleagues have begun to participate, CEO Dave can begin to collate the results.

Doodle survey software step 4

Powerful survey software that is also extremely versatile

Of course, Doodle’s powerful employee survey software has many other uses including scheduling and event planning that make it supremely versatile. With a host of features that are sure to benefit your organization, anyone looking to streamline a busy schedule should try Doodle today.

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