Four things you should know about Doodle’s survey tools

Reason #1: Free survey tool to consolidate your life

Up until now, you might only have considered Doodle as a web calendar or a free way to have people RSVP to your Elvis Presley-themed costume party. Well, wait for your world to be completely shaken up – because Doodle is also a way to organise all your appointments in one area by using our free survey tool.

Enter the event details and view them like this

The free survey tool is even better when combined with the premium version of Doodle which is available at a minimal annual cost. With this premium membership, you can now also save time syncing up your Google Calendar and iCal.

Reason #2: Survey tools online are completely free

Doodle’s web based survey tools mean that you can use the service over and over again without having to register an account (which is free, by the way). Your name and email address provided in step 1 of the survey only serve administrative purposes to amend or delete the poll.

Reason #3: Room for expansion

Did you know that Doodle surveys can be exported as PDF or in Excel format? So if you’d like to do a survey to include in your thesis and would like to tally the results with statistical software such as PSPP or SPSS, you can use Doodle’s free survey tools and then analyse the results in more depth with another software program.

Reason #4: Survey tools with flexibility

So many things in life aren’t flexible: you’re stuck to a strict work schedule, you can’t eek another day out of the expiration date on your skimmed milk and your significant other would never forgive you for missing your anniversary by a day or ten. But wait! offers you survey tools with a wide variety of flexibility. Have participants select a date, time slot or free text option whilst also limiting the number of participants, choosing whether to hide the poll from public view or even hide the other participants in the poll from each other! Such flexibility from a free polling software!

There are so many benefits for using these survey tools from Doodle – you should give it a try and convince yourself of how awesome Doodle is.

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