Keep track of all your appointments online with the Doodle web calendar function!

In today’s society, with the majority of people using the internet daily, it has become common for people to organise their schedules and meetings online with web calendars. However with numerous providers out there offering varying functions, many people find themselves managing not just one web calendar but several instead. Anyone familiar with using several web based calendars will be well aware of the difficulties of switching between multiple web calendars and having to constantly cross-refer to figure out if they are available or not. Luckily, with Doodle, this hassle of managing multiple free web calendars can be a thing of the past! Doodle Calendar Connect allows you to sync all your web based calendars with your Doodle account so that you are able to make and participate in meeting polls from a single Doodle web calendar view. This saves you the time needed to cross-check your Google Calendar and Facebook event calendar, as well as perhaps your Outlook calendar and iCal. Doodle is also compatible with other web calendar platforms. With Doodle, you are able to connect each web based calendar as well as address books for even quicker and easier meeting poll management.

Plan your appointments with all your web based calendars in one place!

With a clear overview of your complete calendar – private, professional and social – it will become simple to plan additional events.

Meet Francis. He works full-time, plays rugby several days a week and has an active social and family life. He’s been looking to plan a summer BBQ for several weeks now but finding out when his equally busy friends and teammates are available has proved difficult. Luckily, thanks to Doodle, Francis is on his way to finding a date to suit everyone!

To begin, Francis enters the basic event information such as title, location and description, along with his name and email address into the form provided.

Web calendar sync with Doodle’s premium account

He then selects the Sundays when he’s free to host the BBQ.

Web calendar sync with Doodle’s premium account

Francis then selects specific times. As the idea is that the BBQ will be after rugby practice one Sunday, he simply enters 1pm for each chosen date.

Web calendar sync with Doodle’s premium account

Doodle then gives him the chance to apply his chosen settings to the event poll. He selects the Yes-No-Ifneedbe setting.

Web calendar sync with Doodle’s premium account

At this point he can either enter his teammates’ email addresses into Doodle for the software to automatically send out the invitations to the event poll, or he can simply take the provided poll URL and pass it on manually. He chooses the second option so he can send his friends the URL via Facebook.

Web calendar sync with Doodle’s premium account

With the poll shared with all the invitees, they soon begin inputting their preferred dates and eventually Francis has a clear overview of everyone’s availability. With the exception of James M who isn’t able to make any Sunday, it looks like Sunday 3rd August will be the best date for everyone!

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