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Since it was founded in 2007, has been helping people arrange times to meet-up. Whether it be with colleagues, friends or people that you are yet to meet, by creating a Doodle poll you can send out suggested times for the event or meeting, and wait for your invitees to respond with their available time.

What isn’t so well known is that Doodle also offers you the option to create an online web survey. This allows you to find out answers and preferences to a whole range of questions, over and beyond when people have available time. When it comes to event planning, you can create a Doodle web survey to find out where people want to hold the event or what they want to do. Of course, the web based survey doesn’t have to be about scheduling an event, it could be about something completely different. You can use the web survey software to decide upon a group present for someone, or to select the next novel for your book club. In fact, Doodle can help you ask any question in the world.

Creating Doodle web surveys

So how does Doodle’s web survey software work? If you have made polls in the past to schedule events, then you won’t have any difficulty creating the surveys, as the process is almost exactly the same.

You can start at this page. You do not need an account to make a survey, but if you have one the process will be quicker if you sign in. As when making a Doodle poll, the first thing you need to do is enter in the basic details of your survey.

After this you can enter the options that you are canvassing opinion upon.

Make a web survey on

As when creating a poll for meeting up, you will next be offered the chance to create a basic poll or to implement extra settings.

Make a web survey on

After this you are able to send out the poll to your invitees. You can choose to be notified when each participant responds to the poll, and to be notified when everyone has responded and the survey is ready to be closed.

Make a web survey on and send via the automatic survey invitation sender

The final table may look something like this.

Make a web survey on

As you can see, the Doodle web survey software is remarkably straightforward. It takes only a minute or two to create your web survey, and so long as your participants aren’t too slack, you can have an answer to your question in no time at all.

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